Cartographic Prints 

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 US Tapestry Small    

"A Tapestry of Time and Terrain" 

Map showing the mineral make-up and age of the United States terrain.  Map measures 40 inches tall and 56 inches wide.

*Actual photograph of printed piece

"The World" 

This 48" x 72" world map was printed for National Geographic.  One version measured 48" x 72".  The other was printed in three 39" x 76" panels, which could be combined to form one 117" x 76" display.

*Actual photograph of printed piece


The World Small

 Afghan Map Small    

"Geological and Mineral Resource Map of Afghanistan" 

Map details the mineral make-up of the Afghan terrain.  This project was printed using seven color process for enhanced detail.  Final size of the map is 53" x 69".

*Actual photograph of printed piece