Other work

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"The Blue Marble"

This large, colorful, two-sided periodic table poster was printed on 75# polyart, a very durable and synthetic stock.  The piece was printed 36"x54" and folded to 9"x9" at Pikes Peak Litho.

*Actual photograph of printed piece. 


   Periodic Table


 Barrel Wraps

Barrel wraps for the San Francisco Food Bank were printed using 5 colors on 61# Poly Art and trimmed to 36"x69.25" final size.

*Actual photograph of printed piece. 



Matt Cassel: NFL Play60 Life-Size Poster

A total of 3,400 of these 28" x 76" life-size posters featuring the Kansas City quarterback were printed as a promotion.  The posters were rolled, tubed, and shipped to schools in the Kansas City metro area.

*Actual photograph of printed piece. 







Packaging Displays

Litho labels for packaging displays. These displays start out with a printed image of over 70" then laminated to corrugated and die cut.  

*Actual photograph of printed piece.